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By Andrew Duncan

Hi I’m Andrew Duncan and I’ve built a top-selling real estate team in Tampa. I just moved to LPT Realty after being with REMAX for years. The splits are better, the revenue share is better, and it’s honestly the perfect business model now that we can build on the existing success of proven cloud brokerage models. I invite you to check out LPT Realty. Move your license over to us. We’re a brokerage focused on listings and profitability.

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As a real estate agent, every aspect of your day contributes to your success, including your drive to appointments. It was about ten years ago, on my way to a potentially lucrative meeting, when an epiphany struck me. I was listening to music that, frankly, wasn’t the most uplifting or motivating. It dawned on me then: was this the best use of my time?

Listening to music is great, but it wasn’t going to turn me into a real estate rock star. I needed something more—something that would actively contribute to my success. That’s when I started replacing tunes with podcasts. This simple switch transformed my commute into an educational session, filling my mind with positive, growth-oriented content.

“Consider giving The Do Over Movement podcast a listen.”

Inspired by the power of podcasts, I decided to start my own, aptly named ‘The Do-Over Movement’. The idea is to harness the collective wisdom of top agents and team leaders from across the country. We dive into our experiences, spanning thousands of transactions, to bring you real, actionable insights.

Our podcast isn’t just another business talk show. It’s a mix of valuable lessons, personal stories, and even some humor from the real estate trenches. We discuss our pitfalls, the lessons we’ve learned, and how to avoid the mistakes we’ve made. It’s all about learning from each other and growing together in this dynamic industry.

So, if you’re a real estate agent looking to grow and prosper, consider giving the ‘Do Over Movement’ podcast a listen. Turn your drives into opportunities for personal and professional growth. Let’s learn from our mistakes and navigate the path to a more profitable and fulfilling real estate career together.