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5 star rating

"I chose to move to LPT Realty after a 20 year career in the Real Estate Industry."

- Darren James

5 star rating

"The owner puts the agent first and is always listening to our needs."

- Angie Cole

5 star rating

"The Revenue Share and the Performance awards helps my agents succeed."

- Jeff Cook

5 star rating

"LPT is the only company that made me think there might be something better out there."

- Michael Baird

3 Productivity Hacks Every Leader Needs

  • 3 Productivity Hacks Every Leader Needs

    Discover simple yet powerful ways to enhance your productivity.

Want to Close More Listings? Here’s How!

  • Want to Close More Listings? Here’s How!

    Learn how to unlock key strategies for closing more listings.

3 Tips to Make Improve Your Marketing Strategies

  • 3 Tips to Make Improve Your Marketing Strategies

    Make your real estate marketing stand out with these three tips!

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Why Hire Us

Hi I’m Andrew Duncan and I’ve built a top-selling real estate team in Tampa. I just moved to LPT Realty after being with REMAX for years. The splits are better, the revenue share is better, and it’s honestly the perfect business model now that we can build on the existing success of proven cloud brokerage models.

I invite you to check out LPT Realty. Move your license over to us. We’re a brokerage focused on listings and profitability.

That’s what my training videos are all about. I do a lot of advertising in Tampa - millions of dollars of it. I’m going to show you how to do it right. All the training I provide here is just a sample of what it would be like to work with me as your guide should you name me as your sponsor when you move to LPT Realty.

I will help you build a real estate team the right way so you don’t climb the wrong mountain again. No more “do-overs”.

Please book a call to talk about moving your license to us, request a free second opinion call with me about any advertising purchase you’re about to make, or just sign up to get my helpful training emails for agent teams.

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6000+ agents in the first 20 months in 8 states
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What LPT Agents Are Saying...

I chose to move to LPT Realty because Duncan and Cook did….The end!!! I chose to move to LPT Realty after a 20 year career in the Real Estate Industry. From working at several well known franchise brokerages, to having my own independent for 6 years, I was looking for something different. LPT Realty was the easy choice, and clearly demonstrated their value proposition for the team members, and the consumers as the ultimate choice for Real Estate.”

- Darren James – Wall Street Journal's RealTrends Top 1000 agents list as #66 in the United States

“After 8 years of leading an independent brokerage, partnering with LPT Realty was a no brainer. The partnership provided additional business protection, top-notch training, and a passive steam of income that fits the agent’s goals. This business model truly focuses on an agent’s production for incentives with so many other added benefits. Owner, Robert Palmer puts the agent 1st and is always listening to our needs. Whether it’s the most sought after CRM, marketing, or facility assistance, he continuously supports our needs to allow growth as company.”

- Angie Cole – Owner/Team Leader – A Cole Realty – 500+ homes sold per year

“I joined LPT Realty because my team and I were looking for a fresh look on team collaboration, marketing and the future of real estate. The Revenue Share and the Performance awards helps my agents succeed well into the future without having to be on the transaction treadmill for life. I joke that you never hear of a Realtors retirement party… LPT solves that question of what’s next if they ever want to slow down the daily grind. They can work hard and build it now and then in the future reap the benefits that LPT offers in terms of stock and revenue shaing. At LPT, you reap those rewards when you do what you do best… which is SELL HOUSES!”

- Jeff Cook - South Carolina's #1 Real Estate team, ranked in the Top 25 Nationwide by the Wall Street Journal

“I joined LPT Realty because the Industry is changing and if you’re not aligned with a company that is extremely proactive with the daily changing brokerage models you will miss the mark. LPT is an amazing marketing company that just so happens to offer stock and revenue sharing, and the best thing is we are getting in on the ground level of a groundbreaking company that has grown faster than any brokerage in history.”

- Lonnie Bush - Previous Top 25 RE/Max Team, Top Selling Team in Virigina Beach, WSJ Real Trends Top 100 Agent Team

“There are a few key reasons that I moved my team to LPT Realty. First, it is my responsibility to make it as easy as possible for my team to convert leads to closings. It is something that I focus on everyday. When I saw that Listiing Power Packs and Farming Packs, I knew this would be one more huge tool for us to convert seller opportunities. Second, I always want to be a good steward of team finances and to put my team members in the best possible financial position. By moving to LPT, we were able to eliminate all the monthly brokerage fees and put more money on each closing into my team members pockets. Finally, the ability to give every agent a choice in what comp plan they would like to participate in was incredible. No longer was it a one size fits all plan.”

- Chris Snow – Over 2,000 Homes Sold

“I have been recruited by other brokerages for almost my entire career. LPT is the only company that made me think there might be something better out there. The marketing tools, stock opportunity, rev share, and community that LPT provides made me take notice. After extensive research, I decided that this was an opportunity that would benefit me as a leader AND my entire team. After months of research, we decided that this was a move that would help us sell more homes, have more opportunities and ultimately build better businesses. We are all excited for the future with LPT and are so happy to partner with such amazing people for this journey!”

- Michael Baird – Over 500 Homes Sold

“I’d seen Robert Palmer advertised in my market for many years and as LPT started growing within the State of Florida - I couldn’t not notice the amazing things the company was doing. It became clear LPT was a fast growth company that I wanted to be apart of. The model embraces entrepreneurship and allows agents to grow production, and top teams to leverage the tools, income and stock opportunities, and collaborate to grow more successful businesses. It truly is a Brokerage for Life Opportunity!”

- Andrew Duncan – Top 25 real estate agents nationally (#1 in Florida) by RealTrends/Wall Street Journal The Thousand